Field Service Lightning is a tool to aerodynamic operations across

Field Service Lightning is a tool to aerodynamic operations across the whole service chain. It is built on Service Cloud that helps in improving the customer’s experience from Mobile functionality to field in a very intelligent way. It helps in various ways such as:

1) Creating Work Orders
2) Managing complex valuable things
3) Schedule & deliver work intelligently
4) Help in managing & inspecting technicians
5) Access Information from any Mobile device
6) Observe performance in real time

Creating Work Orders: Work orders are integrated with Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Entitlements & Service Contracts through which one can pull data across Salesforce. Using this, it is way easy to track all the repairs, maintenance that is taking place in the field.

Managing complex valuable things: You can easily track the information related to all the customers with the advanced technology. Also, the hierarchy can be set to watch all the Products made up of several parts in one view so that the part which needs repairmen will be identified quickly.

Scheduling & Delivery: Using this feature its way easy to book the services appointment directly from the Lightning Console. It will thus increase employee productivity by automatically assigning the jobs to the correct person at correct time with their particular skills & efficiency.

Managing & Inspecting Technicians: Dispatcher Console lets you ensure that the right job is assigned to the right employee. Immediately you can see the alerts for the issues that are going to take place & thus needs attention & hence action. It also helps in scheduling the bulk job in a single click & hence pay attention to the service delivery in Copper clad steel ground wire real time.

Access Information from any Mobile device: Using Salesforce1 mobile app, it would be easy for the service technicians to use the automated process to support a wide range of field activities. They can even collect the information from anywhere being offline & also can report easily using their mobile devices. The mobile app can be modified according to the needs or requirements.

Observe performance in real time: The real-time reporting & analytics let you getting into business through multiple systems & anywhere at any time which helps an individual to know more about their customer. This helps in gaining visibility into Agent, Delivery person, technician’s performance from a single platform.


Field Service Lightning is built upon the Standard Salesforce Objects & its managed package will install the Dispatcher Console, Smart scheduler and several other custom objects that is necessary to support the functionality
The org should contain one full Service Cloud license in order to use Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning functionality consists of two license types i.e. (Dispatcher License, Technician License)

Dispatcher license provides users the access of Dispatcher Console and Smart Scheduling which are available in package itselfTechnician License is available to users you would like to assign Service Appointments


Assigns work based on Skills & EfficiencyUsing mobile service anywhere can report anytime & thus indulge in business processCaptures E-signatures for Work Orders or Service reportsSupports AnywhereHelps Dispatch Supervisors the view ability and manage work from Map view